About Us

Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club – Origins

Over the past 10 years, the retriever game, which includes Hunt Tests, Field Trials and Working Certificates, has struggled in several areas.  The participant base and subsequent entries into events has declined, the availability of land and water on which to train has declined, and the avenues to acquire the necessary skills to enter the sport, have been limited and sporadic.

The Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club was formed to provide a location, to provide some basic skills for trainers and to provide ongoing mentorship to guide newcomers through the stages of skill development.  It started with the acquisition of a lease with the Township of Langley for a training area called the Jackman Wetland.  Having access to these grounds provides the benefit of continuity.

The training of retrievers is complex, time-consuming and difficult to do alone.  Another focus of the club is to provide workshops, classes, and ongoing mentorship to interested individuals.  Our program provides a framework within which to develop skills and a community of knowledgeable trainers to support this developmental process.

The mission of the Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club is to facilitate the acquisition of wetland areas for the purposes of training retrievers,  and to increase the participant base in our sport through the promotion of training events.  In addition to classes and workshops, we also hold CKC accredited trials, hunt tests and working certificate competitions.