The FVRTC is a club of serious trainers. One of the prime objectives of the FVRTC is to ensure that the amateur retriever trainers are provided with the tools that allow their dogs to be successful at either the hunt test or field trial level. Everyone with a serious interest in retriever training is welcome to join as long as they have, or are willing to attain, the skill sets necessary to advance their dog. To facilitate this, the club provides training classes together with a membership program to benefit less experienced individuals in the quest for a trained non-slip retriever.

There are six categories of membership, application forms for five are available here  and the Daily Membership forms are available at the Jackman Wetland’s site:

  1.  a PROBATIONARY membership is open to an individual who has completed the training classes provided by the club (or equivalent), but has not yet demonstrated sufficient knowledge to train a retriever to a high level.
  2. a REGULAR membership is open to members of an immediate family.  A full membership entitles a maximum oftwo adults to a single vote.
  3. a JUNIOR membership (non-voting) is open to a person who has not reached his/her eighteenth birthday.
  4. an OUT-OF-TOWN membership (non-voting) is open to a person who resides outside the Fraser Valley.
  5. a PROFESSIONAL TRAINER membership
  6. a DAILY membership  Maximum of  2 dogs at $ 15ea, maximum 2 days lifetime usage

Membership Application Procedure

  1. Read the Bylaws, Rules and Constitution of the FVRTC and the Bylaws and Rules Canadian Kennel Club available by clicking on the links below.
  2. Complete and sign the Membership Application Form available by clicking the link below, printing and submitting to:
    (note DO NOT send a cheque with your application at this time)

    Membership Executive
    Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club (FVRTC)
    c/o Beverley Tecklenborg
    PO Box 10064 RPO Otter Co-op
    Langley, BC
    V4W 3Z5

  3. You will be notified via email regarding the status of your application. If it is approved, a cheque will be requested at this time. An orientation to the grounds will also be arranged.
  4. Our club activities are minimal during the winter months, therefore an application submitted after October 31st will not be considered until our first club meeting in the spring.

Membership Application Form

FVRTC Foundational Information

By-Laws of the FVRTC
Rules of the FVRTC
Constitution of the FVRTC

Bylaws and Rules of the Canadian Kennel Club